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Student Testimonials

Mrs. Shields is the best teacher ever.  Myla Class of 2019

"The Academy is important to me because it gave me the opportunity to catch up on credits and graduate on time." Tiernie

"The Academy helps me because I can work at my own speed, which makes it easier. I don't think I could have made it to graduation without your help! " Tiffany Class of 2010

"The Academy helps me catch up on my work so that I can graduate on time." Dakota

"It is quiet and I work at a pace I want to work ." Tiffany

"The Academy is a place where I can come to get help with my problems and a quiet place to work. It is also a fun environment. Being in the fish bowl makes my day better. :-) " Natalie Class of 2014

"The Academy is the best part of my day." Mae Class of 2014

Parent Testimonials

"Thanks so much for meeting with us yesterday. It really is extraordinary that MUASD has developed the flexibility to accommodate parental preferences  to the extent we discussed yesterday. Our daughter seemed very happy with suggested schedule, and we are now  much more content with the prospects of her entering Middle School." Skip & Billi Parents Class of 2020

"Thank you so much for taking extra time with our son. Everyone and everything have an impact on his life - yours was for the good! Some teachers just see the job, others see the child." Deb & Brian
Parents Class of 2013