Mount Union Area High School

 706 North Shaver Street
 Mount Union, PA 17066
 Interim Junior/Senior High School Principal - Mr. James Foster
Junior/Senior High School Assistant Principal - Mrs. L. Hope Palm 
 Phone: 814-542-2518
    Fax: 814-542-5451

Senior High

 Positive Character Traits

Compassion - Show kindness and concern for others in distress by offering help whenever possible.
Trustworthiness – Show others by your actions that you are reliable and believable and deserving of their confidence.
Initiative - Take responsible action on your own, without prompting from others.
Respect - Show consideration and regard for yourself, others, and the world around you.
Responsibility - Demonstrate that you consider yourself to be accountable for your actions and that you follow through on your commitments.
Honesty - Be truthful in all you do and never deceive, steal, or take advantage of the trust of others.

Aerial view of Jr/Sr High School building and fields.

Alma Mater

Now we all march together 
On through fair and stormy weather 
When e're we have a fight to fight 
We will win it for the blue and gold 
She, our pride and spirit raises 
As we stand to sing her praises 
For we gladly do our school revere 
And greet her with a rousing triple cheer 
For old MU High 
To you your sons are ever loyal 
Old MU High 
Your name will ever cherished be 
For old MU High 
We'll give a cheer for that royal 
Old MU High 
We'll love you ever more